Leadership Development Group Coaching Program – for Leaders who Seriously want to Evolve


The one common trait of the participants is that they are all leaders who are serious about evolving and are open to learning new ideas. In other words, they are all coachable. They all want to make a greater impact in their work.

The range of people in terms of titles and industries can be tremendous. They can be decision-makers in for-profit and nonprofit organizations. They can work for Fortune 100 companies, large nonprofits, medium-sized organizations, and small organizations. They can range greatly in age and experience. There are no labels of gender, race, title, industry, or any other label required to be in the program. Participants can come from all over the world.

The only common trait is that they are all serious-minded leaders who want to dive into a shared learning experience to make a greater impact in their work and are willing to put in the effort to get there.

In this program, serious-minded means taking our work and our impact seriously, but not taking ourselves too seriously. A sense of humor, especially about ourselves, is a very important part of leadership.

If you are interested in this program for your organization, please contact Dan Coughlin at

dan@thecoughlincompany.com or 314/614-8622


This program will cover the topics of Personal Effectiveness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Leadership.

This will include:

Session 1: Understand, Accept, and Apply Yourself, Part One
Your Purpose, Idea Processor, Temperament, and Decision-Making Approach

Session 2: Understand, Accept, and Apply Yourself, Part Two
Your Character Strengths, Passions, Talents, Values, and Morals

Session 3: Tools for Personal Effectiveness, Part One
Mine Your Past, Goal Setting, Visualization, and Self-Image

Session 4: Tools for Personal Effectiveness, Part Two
Personal Initiative, Self-Reliance, Focus & Sacrifice, Self-Discipline, Problem Solving, Continuous Improvement, and Journaling

Session 5: Communication
Effective and Ineffective Communication Approaches, Clarity, Understanding, Total Listening, Empathy, Keys to Successful Working Relationships, Parameters of Appropriateness, and Intersection of an Idea

Session 6: Leadership, Part One
Define Leadership, Why lead, Identify Leaders in Your Life, The Four Critical Leadership Questions, Eight Ways to Influence People, Influence a Specific Individual, and Address the Three Great Leadership Challenges

Session 7: Leadership, Part Two
Clarify the Quest, Talk about Big Dreams and Small Details, Reinvigorate Yourself Regularly, Effective Quotes, Influence People to Stay on the Path, Balance the Opposites, and Synthesize Ideas

Session 8: Implement and Deal with Change
Change from Negative Emotions to Positive Emotions, Change Behaviors that Cause Unnecessary Conflicts, Decide When a Change is Needed, and Communicate a Change

Session 9: Build teamwork
Define Teamwork, Clarify the Quest, Sustain Emotional Safety, Maintain Urgency in the Absence of Emergency, Shared Risk, Trust, Open-Mindedness, Respect, Caring, Examples of The Total Team Concept, and Improve Team Meetings

Session 10: Review through Action
Your Five Best Qualities, Deliver Two Handwritten Letters, Write Down Three Lessons You Learned this Week, Be Empathetic with Two People, Make a Gratitude List, Be Self-Disciplined this Week, Dream Big, Focus Small, and Meet Situations as They Arise


This is a six-month Group Coaching Program. There are a maximum of 20 people per group in the program at a time, and we will meet in small groups of at most seven people in each session. We rotate who is in the small groups so by the end of the six months you will have spent time with most, if not all, of the other members in your whole group.

The members will participate from their homes, offices, or on the road. All the sessions will be done through Videoconferencing. No one will have to travel for any of the sessions.

There will be a total of ten two-hour small group sessions in the program for each participant. Dan Coughlin will guide each of these small group discussions. We will meet approximately every two weeks for six months.

Before each small group session, you will receive a pre-work assignment. Each pre-work assignment will include 4-5 Thinking Exercises for you to complete before the small group discussion. Each pre-work assignment will also include one or two book recommendations, and usually will be narrowed down to a specific chapter or two. These are suggestions on how to dig deeper into that session’s topics, but they are not required reading.

The first hour of each two-hour session will be focused on discussing your answers to the pre-work assignment. The second hour will be an opportunity for each person in the group to ask a question. After each question we will gather responses from the other members of the group. In this way the program combines learning practical content and having timely discussions.

There are only three behavior guidelines for the small group discussions: respectfulness, open-mindedness, and caring.

Respectfulness meaning that each person really listens to the other people and doesn’t interrupt or check his or her email or text messages.

Open-mindedness means you are open to the possibility that other people have good ideas and you are willing to consider them, and you are open to the possibility that you have good ideas and you are willing to share them.

Caring means that you care about the success of the other people in the group. The Total Team Concept says that each person in the group will benefit greatly if every person does his or her best to help every other person.

In addition to the ten small group sessions, each participant will have two one-on-one coaching sessions with Dan Coughlin. You will also have email access to Dan during the six months. You can reach out to him with questions on work situations or whatever you want to ask him about. He responds to all emails within 24 hours, and usually within a few hours.


You are looking at approximately six hours a month for 6 months.

You will have two two-hour small group sessions each month for a total of ten small group sessions. The prework for each small group session will take 45 minutes to an hour. And you will have two one-hour individual sessions with Dan Coughlin. If you are not willing to attend the two-hour small group discussions and do the prework before each of those meetings, then this is not the right program for you. This is for people who are willing to sustain serious effort for a six-month period to improve as leaders and to help other people improve as leaders.


At least five weeks before each session, Dan Coughlin will email you 6-8 options for day-time sessions (1-3 PM EST) and nighttime sessions (8-10 PM EST). You will then let Dan know all the options that you can make for that session. He will then create a calendar of small-group discussions that fits for each person. He will email you this calendar at least four weeks before any small group discussion.


Since 1998, Dan Coughlin has provided over 4,000 one-on-one Executive Coaching sessions for over 250 executives, Group Coaching Programs for clients in over 25 companies, and more than 500 presentations on leadership, teamwork, and management with clients at McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Marriott, American Cancer Society, RE/MAX, GSD&M Idea City, Toyota, Traffix, Shell, Cisco, and more than 200 other large and medium-sized for-profit and nonprofit organizations. He is the co-author of the book, The Any Person Mindset: Be Accountable to the Difference You Can Make.


Payment Method

If you have four or fewer people in your group, the fee is $5000 per person. If you have 5-9 people, the fee is $4500 per person. And if you have 10 or more people, the fee is $3500 person.

100% Money-Back Guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of this program, you can ask for and will receive a refund up to and including the full fee for the program.


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If you are interested in having your organization in this Leadership Development Group Coaching Program for Leaders who Seriously want to Evolve, contact Dan Coughlin at

dan@thecoughlincompany.com or 314/614-8622

If you don’t hear back from Dan in response to your email within 48 hours, it only means that he has not seen your email. It may have been lost in cyberspace. You are welcome to text or call him at 314/614-8622.

He will then set up a one-on-one conversation with you over Zoom to determine if this program is a good fit for where your organization is at right now. This course is for people who are really serious about putting in the time and effort to evolve as leaders and make an even greater impact in their work.


This six-month Leadership Development Group Coaching Program will begin at the earliest convenient time for your organization.

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