Executive Coaching for Individuals

The most direct way that Dan Coughlin works with a business leader to develop the thinking traits necessary to consistently deliver excellence and make a significant difference in his or her organization is to serve as the person’s Executive Coach.

How does it work?

In this approach, all the coaching sessions are centered on the person’s real-life business situations. Every coaching session is very pragmatic and focused on improving actual client situations and results. There is not a structured, step-by-step format that the person has to follow.

Most coaching sessions last an hour and are conducted using Zoom videoconferencing technology.

Dan listens to the person describe situations with customers, prospects, employees, and suppliers on a wide range of topics ranging from strategy, planning, execution, branding, innovation, and culture to personnel, teamwork, leadership, and personal effectiveness. He then collaborates with the person to develop effective processes that can be used both for the immediate situation and for a variety of situations in the future.

Dan sends the individual his written advice after each conversation. This provides a foundation for the individual to build off of as he or she takes on more and more challenges. The frequency of coaching sessions is one every 1-3 weeks.

In addition, the individual has unlimited email access to Dan during the time of the coaching relationship. He responds to all email requests within 24 hours, and usually within a few hours. This allows the person to receive almost immediate input on opportunities and challenges as he or she is experiencing them.

Since 1998 Dan Coughlin has worked with more than 260 individuals as an Executive Coach. The average length of the relationships has been 18 months. He has provided more than 4,000 individual coaching sessions.

Who is it for?

This service is for business leaders who are serious about striving to consistently deliver excellence. They want to become even more effective and significant in their organization. Effectiveness means intentionally acting in a purposeful way that improves results in a desired outcome. Significance means making a tremendously positive and lasting impact on a desired outcome.

The person’s title and the size of the organization is not as important as his or her attitude and desire for excellence.

The titles of Dan’s clients range from business owner, CEO, COO, CMO, and vice-president to regional director and director. Client organizations range from Fortune 200 companies to family-owned businesses.

Remember: attitude and effort and desire for excellence are much more important than title or the size of the organization when it comes to working with Dan Coughlin as an Executive Coach.

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If you are interested in working with Dan Coughlin as an Executive Coach, email him at dan@thecoughlincompany.com or call him at 314/614-8622 to set up your first free coaching session with him.