The Coughlin Company Purpose, Value, & Values

What is the purpose of The Coughlin Company?

Our purpose is to educate serious-minded leaders to consistently deliver excellence in personal effectiveness, interpersonal effectiveness, leadership, teamwork, and management.

An executive is a person who has the authority to make decisions. This can be a person who owns the organization, runs the organization, or runs part of the organization. We work with for-profit and nonprofit executives and aspiring executives who strive to consistently deliver excellence.

What value do The Coughlin Company clients receive?

They become more effective at influencing how other people think so those other people make decisions that improve results in a sustainable way.

They provide clearer communications in a more timely manner on a one-to-one, small group, large group, and organization-wide basis.

They enhance teamwork in the organization where individuals support one another more effectively toward the fulfillment of a meaningful purpose and the achievement of important organizational goals.

They provide better people management in clarifying, selecting, hiring, developing, and retaining the type of people they want in the organization.

They become better at strengthening bench strength and succession planning.

They build a more consistent culture based on intentionally selected values.

They establish a clearer strategy that defines the business they are in, the strategic priority outcomes for their customers and the organization, and what needs to be done to achieve those priority outcomes.

They develop clear action plans that are reviewed on a consistent basis with an emphasis on identifying what lessons have been learned and what adjustments, if any, need to be made going forward.

They innovate more frequently and more effectively in creating greater value for their customers and in developing and delivering that value in better ways.

They develop a stronger and more consistent brand where their customers know what value to expect to receive when buying from them, and their customers know what values to expect to see demonstrated by the members of the organization.

What values can The Coughlin Company clients expect to see demonstrated?

Down-to-earth interactions: friendly, relatable, respectful, caring, open-minded, patient, and collaborative.

Input to clients is not harsh, attacking, sarcastic, or embarrassing.

Clarity of ideas: understandable, user-friendly explanations with 3-4 step processes that employees at all levels can understand and implement.

Insightful, relevant advice based on researching the client’s organization.

Practical. The ideas offered to clients can be put into practice immediately.

Work that is well-prepared and delivered on time.

Honest feedback to the client that is provided in appropriate ways.

Every interaction with the client’s employees is professional and appropriate.