Guiding Strategic Meetings

Dan Coughlin works with executives on planning and facilitating strategically important meetings for their organizations. Examples of this include guiding more than a dozen Strategic Planning meetings for regions within McDonald’s USA, a three-day meeting on Digital Transformation for Emerson, and a cultural clarification and strengthening meeting for TRAFFIX logistics company.

Dan meets with the executive to establish the short-term and long-term desired outcomes for the strategic meeting. He then creates a customized approach for the agenda of the meeting. He then guides the discussions and creates a very collaborative atmosphere for idea-sharing while keeping the meeting on schedule.

“Dan, so much I want to say, but first let me thank you for your great facilitation skills during our three- day offsite taskforce meeting. Not only did we deliver on the expected outcomes, but I now have a taskforce team that has bonded and is prepared to help drive our digital transformation initiative across Emerson. I knew from our preparatory meetings that you had the skills and experience we were needing for our event. But the resultant teamwork and deliverables exceeded my expectations. Our ‘launch point’ as presented to Emerson leadership has been extremely well received. Thank you for helping to compress the time required to create such an effective process. This will greatly impact our value creation efforts across our company. I’ve been sharing this story along the way and hope it brings more opportunities for you to work with Emerson. If anyone needs client feedback to support their consideration for your services, please share my contact information. I would be delighted to share our very positive experience!”
– David Hale | Vice President & COO| Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions