Group Coaching Programs

This is the fastest-growing service that Dan Coughlin offers. Participants have come from more than 25 different companies in just the past two years.

Group Coaching combines the benefits of group collaboration, leadership and management development on a wide range of topics, and individual attention for specific business situations, all while sitting in the comfort of your office or home.

A group can consist of business leaders in one organization or in multiple organizations. They can all be in one office or spread out around the world.

Each month in these six-month Group Coaching Programs there is a 1 Hour and 45-minute group session using Zoom video conferencing. If you have more than five people in your group, then more than one session will be set up each month with a maximum of five people in each subgroup to optimize participant interaction.

In each session, Dan Coughlin guides the group through a series of leadership development or management development exercises based on the pre-work assignments sent to the group members prior to the session. After each session Dan sends his written feedback to the group in which he reemphasizes key points from the group discussion.

In addition, each participant is able to ask specific questions relevant to his or her work situation. The person then receives feedback from the other group members and from Dan.

Program 1: Leadership
(Understand your Self, Fulfill your Purpose, Priority Management, Focus, Sacrifice, Leadership, Communication, Change, and Teamwork)

Program 2: Management
(People, Strategy, Planning, Execution, Innovation, Branding, Industry Expertise, and Beyond Industry Insights)

On top of the group discussions, each participant has the opportunity for one-on-one sessions with Dan to dig deeper into a topic or discuss actual work situations.

More info?

If you want to discuss creating a Group Coaching Program with Dan Coughlin, please contact him at or 314/614-8622.