Group Coaching Programs

Testimonials for Dan Coughlin’s Group Coaching Program

“The Group Coaching sessions with Dan Coughlin have been very beneficial. They have helped me focus on what is important for my company as well as my career. The discussions on leadership have been particularly inspiring and have influenced me to stay engaged at work every day. I am glad I had the opportunity to work with Dan and my fellow leaders to focus on bettering our leadership skills for the tasks ahead.”
– Reed White, President & Managing Principal of Operations, George T. Sanders Company

“This Group Coaching Program has been a refreshing exercise in taking an outside perspective on my own skills, strengths, and weaknesses as a leader. Dan does a great job in bringing about the important questions about who you are as a person, a leader, and what ultimately will determine your happiness in life and work. I love how we cover key ideas and themes for leadership and life and how they go from being broad ideas into personalized, specific, and meaningful observations that I can take action on as soon as the meeting is over. It is just a great practice to step away from the typical daily grind and focus on figuring out my passions and get perspective on my development as a leader.”
– Geoff Peirce, Regional Sales Manager, Peirce-Phelps, Inc.

“Participating in the group coaching sessions with Dan Coughlin has forced me to carve time out of my schedule to focus on my development as a leader and professional. At this stage in my career, I am often so focused in getting things accomplished that I fail to spend the time working on the skills and attributes that I need to be a successful leader in my current position – and other positions in the future. Dan has done a great job of leading thought provoking discussions that have challenged me personally and professionally, and I’ve seen a significant improvement because of it. The coaching sessions have also been a great networking resource, allowing us to collectively discuss relevant topics and generate ideas to help each of us drive success at each of our companies. Simply put, participating in this program has made me a better leader, professional, and team member.
– Rick Roosien, Director of Customer Service, ETNA Supply Company

“For me the Group Coaching Program was an eye opening look at what it takes to be an effective, and successful manager. That said, whether the word “Manager” is in your title or not, we all have a responsibility to both our companies and ourselves, to do our very best, each day. In my opinion, this course highlights some of the most crucial aspects of what is required to accomplish that. Quite simply, the skillsets we learned and discussed are ones that can applied on a daily basis, on all levels of business. In addition, I’ve now established an invaluable network of contacts, that I’ve been able to converse with regarding everything from operations advice to IT configurations. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in improving either their personal and/or professional performance; whether you’re just entering the work force, or you’ve spent a career in your field.”
– Jay Fahy, Territory Manager, Collins Pipe and Supply Company

“I had the pleasure of participating in a 6-month long group coaching program led by Dan. He brings a practical thought process to interactions that occur daily. Specifically, learning about how we are all hardwired differently, and being aware of the differences, has helped me more effectively communicate and get more work done with less. Dan has a gift to help advance in all aspects of your professional career, he truly cares! ”
– Luke Wiedeman, Purchasing Manager, Reeves-Wiedeman Company

“I wanted to say thank you for the great experience working with you and the other members of the group. I thought it was very beneficial for myself to have another avenue of learning. I am going to sit with the other members at my company this week to discuss the program and some of the things I learned. The Leadership Group Coaching program led by Dan was such a great experience. Dan does a great job leading the group discussion and getting all of the member to interact and engage. I found the topics and discussions to be extremely thought provoking and insightful. I look forward to applying a lot of the things discussed into my everyday practice.”
– Joseph Canuso, Vice-President, Louis P. Canuso Inc.

“The AD group coaching experience with Dan Coughlin was great! The exercises and information received was invaluable and will help greatly as I grow within Texas Plumbing Supply’s leadership team. At times it can be intimidating to enter into today’s leadership or “corporate” roles in our industry, but now having gone through Dan’s coaching I believe I can help our team confidently and effectively to achieve common goals. You won’t find in a classroom setting a coaching program like this. The opportunity to work with Dan and connect and work with industry partners is something I’d definitely recommend to everyone!”
– Jacob Fuller, Inside Sales Rep,Texas Plumbing Supply

“Dan Coughlin’s Group Coaching program was of tremendous value to me as a sales manager. This program helped me to improve not only as a manager, but as a communicator. The ability to understand how people make decisions, how we can influence others positively, the power of focus, and understanding myself better were some of the best takeaways. I had tools at the end of every session I could start implementing immediately, and the network of people I met was the icing on the cake. I now have contacts at other distributors throughout the country in various positions that I can call/email to get their opinions and insight in a number of areas. Anyone looking to improve their management, communication, and time management skills as well as increase their network of professionals should take this class!”
– Dom Lipp, Parts and supplies Sales manager, CarrierWest/Lohmiller and Company

“I was fortunate to participate in the Group Coaching Program led by Dan Coughlin. This six month program challenges business leaders to analyze best practices while honing various management and leadership skills. The topics, discussions and interactions are all relevant and the lessons learned will payoff for years to come. I highly recommend this program to those looking to invest in the future leaders of our industry.”
– Seth DePuy, Director of Sales and Marketing, First Supply LLC

“The coaching with Dan was tremendous. Hands down the best coaching that I have ever received. I admired the way he helped you identify your strengths and showed you how to enhance them and use them instead of finding your weaknesses and working on improving those. It was an extremely positive and effective practice. He was also very valuable when it came to helping with stress in the work place and maintaining a healthy work/life balance. I cannot say enough good things about the coaching.”
– Kyle Sanders, Director of Business Development, G.T. Sanders

“The ‘Zoom’ monthly sessions created way to have face to face contact monthly, while not having to incur any travel costs. Breaking the groups up into mini-groups also allows for more in-depth discussions and provide real-world solutions. Rotating the mini-groups also provided different perspectives to issues each month. The spacing of the meetings worked well because it was a huge burden to complete the assignments while keeping up with normal day-to-day work, but you never felt like you lost contact with the group. Dan was a great leadership mentor.”
– Justin Capar, Controller, American Metals