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Testimonials for Dan Coughlin’s Group Coaching Program

“Looking back over the past several months working with Dan Coughlin as part of his Leadership Development Group Coaching Program, I am amazed at how much I have taken away from this unique experience. From topics including personal effectiveness, communication, and leadership, plus much more, Dan’s thoughtful guidance and teaching from his over two decades of executive coaching really shines through.

Each small group session is with a different mix of the twenty leaders who have embarked on this journey together and one of the most remarkable outputs each time we meet is that, regardless of your industry, leaders all across the country are facing some of the same challenges and we can work together to address these professional issues that arise during our careers. I have known Dan since he led a workshop at my organization in 2019 and have seen his insights and learned from his deep perspectives on leadership challenges which have benefitted my career but also, importantly, myself in life outside of work. I would highly recommend any leader who wants to seriously develop into an even more competent leader to consider Dan’s Group Coaching Program. An added benefit is the network of interesting leaders across industries that this Program introduces you to, and some wonderful friendships have clearly developed from this shared experience.”
– Steve Drury, Global Medical Director, Stryker Neurovascular (medical devices)

“This is the first personal leadership development coaching program I have pursued outside of programs offered within my company and I am extremely thrilled to have been a part of the group program. Dan Coughlin is an amazing coach and leader that has challenged me to approach and work through scenarios considering many factors that I had not in the past. The number of talented individuals that participated in this first session has been inspiring. All brought a wealth of knowledge from across industries.

I work quite a bit and aim to devote my time outside of the hectic work schedule to family and friends which leaves minimal time dedicated to myself so I wasn’t exactly sure how this program would work for me but I am so happy I applied and participated to the fullest extent. I walked away after each and every group coaching session feeling positive and energized for both my personal and professional development. A few of my colleagues have also commented that they can tell something is different and I truly feel I have refined my approach and tapped into areas I had not fully explored or developed to this point in my life and career. I would highly recommend this program and any others led by Dan Coughlin.”
– Jaime Shelton, Partner, Vice-President of Business Operations, Krilogy (wealth management)

“Dan Coughlin’s Group Coaching Leadership Development Program has been a breakthrough of inspiration for me, after 30 years in a leadership role. It had been 10 years since I had specific leadership coaching and this program showed me how vital continuing learning and coaching truly is. The group coaching element was a definite plus. While we all worked on our own personal styles and strengths, we also had an amazing group of professionals from all over North America from various industries that we could share our ideas and get direct feedback. Very powerful! We have all stretched our personal networks through this program.
I look forward to furthering my growth with Dan and am encouraging those in my network to seek him out, as well.”
– Bryan Crock, Branch Director – Denver, Traffix (high performance logistics)

“With over twenty-five years of experience in college athletics administration, growing professionally as a leader continues to be a primary goal. I continue to search for opportunities to improve my skill set and become a more talented leader. The goal to improve as a leader led me to Dan Coughlin and to join his Leadership Development Group Coaching Program. This was exactly what I was looking for and created a fulfilling program to explore leadership, both on a personal level; to understand and lead myself better; and on a group level; to lead others and positively influence their decisions so they can achieve their goals.

Dan Coughlin offers tremendous insight and leadership expertise based on decades of research and practical organizational and leadership coaching. Dan’s mission is to empower others as leaders so we can achieve our goals. This Leadership Development Group Coaching Program is a living example of Dan’s passion and mission and is a road map to being a better leader in the workplace. The Leadership Development Group Coaching Program is a unique opportunity to network with individuals from across the country from diverse industries to seriously explore your leadership talents and goals. The perspective from group members created valuable, insightful discussions and has led to on-going network and problem-solving conversations.

My experience with the Leadership Development Group Coaching Program over the past 5 months has been empowering and inspiring. Dan’s insights and guidance is concise, practical, and has challenged me to stretch as a leader. Dan’s support and encouragement to ‘try this’ has coached me through real-life, difficult leadership challenges and I am better for the experience. I have grown tremendously through this leadership program and recommend this Leadership Development Group Coaching Program to anyone that is serious about leading and benefiting others.”
– Stephen Anthony, Associate Athletic Director, Michigan State University

“Collaborative, organized, and decades of high-level business coaching experience shared, Dan Coughlin created a dynamic coaching series! The seamless presentation and sequence of skill building sessions allowed each participant to customize the experience and directly benefit and relate to their own field/position. The series integrated leadership skills with real life /real time scenarios that were applicable immediately! Having experienced many high level coaching programs throughout a 27-year career in high level real estate sales, Dan’s system of building, maintaining, and practicing leadership skills at the highest level coupled with his personable approach, pushes this series into a standout category!”
– Susan Hurley, Real Estate Consultant, Susan Hurley Homes

“Working with Dan has helped me develop strategies for myself, team and clientele. His ability to ask the right questions and support me throughout this leadership journey has helped refine my strategies and expand my knowledge and understanding of what it is to be a true leader.

“Dan is always available to answer any questions between our sessions and does it in a timely manner. I’m already seeing results within myself and my team. I would highly recommend Dan’s Leadership Development Group Coaching Program to anyone who is looking to learn valuable techniques for better business practices and growing as a whole. If you’re not leading, then you’re not learning and growing.”
– Jessica Hart, Branch Director, Traffix (high performance logistics)

“The Leadership Development Program facilitated by Dan Coughlin is a fantastic way to continue to push both your professional and personal development with the support of industry leaders from across North America. Its diverse background of participants has created an environment where ideas are shared freely and provides the opportunity to critically evaluate concepts in a low risk setting. Under Dan’s guidance each participant discovers the depths of their natural leadership style over the course of the program.

“My experiences within the program and the contacts I have made will continue to serve me long after the conclusion of the course. The best practices I have learned will allow me to not only get the most out of myself and my team, but also help me facilitate their growth by revisiting the course exercises over time. Regardless of whether you are 5 years or 25 years into your career, you will find significant value from this program.”
– Greg Eike, Anheuser-Busch ABInBev, Sr. Manager North American Zone Supply PPM

“The Leadership Course provided by Dan Coughlin was thorough and immediately applicable. I began the course as an AmeriCorps VISTA Lead and was looking to obtain skills to lead my 10 VISTAs for the year-long contract that we had together. Shortly after beginning the course, I changed paths and began as the volunteer coordinator at a homeless shelter. I am a leader for over 70 volunteers, community service members, patrons, staff members and community members.

“I have always known myself to be a great leader. I have natural skills- I wasn’t sure how to harness those skills to identify my goals professionally. Dan’s program gave me focus and direction – and so many new skills! I now feel comfortable to have the positive interactions as well as the interactions that we all avoid. I can set (and accomplish) goals. I have confidence in knowing why I make the decisions I make and a little better insight as to how others make their decisions.

“Overall, I was not expecting what I received when I signed up for this course. Dan was very sensitive and insightful as well as equipped to discuss even the toughest subjects. I received a much more rounded course and I will be reviewing the materials for years (likely decades) to come.”
– Brandy Howedeshell, Volunteer Coordinator, The Rolla Mission

“Over the course of 10 sessions and 50 different leadership development exercises, Dan Coughlin put on an amazing program. I have participated in many other leadership programs and seminars that teach about effective styles and approaches from all kinds of different leaders. I have tried to emulate several of these styles over my career thus far, but nothing really felt right. Dan’s approach is simple. He goes through a series of exercises to find out what your style is and how you are hard wired, then how to get the most from your style in real world scenarios. I have finally stopped trying to be someone I am not and have learned to embrace my own style for being a successful leader.

“The virtual setting for this program was surprisingly remarkable. There were people from all over North America, from differently industries, and different personalities. All of which had the same goal of being a better leader. I have never been part of a group where all the participants were humble, engaged, and willing to learn from each other. Dan created that culture and expectation from the start and continued it through every meeting. This turned into not only a program about leadership, but the introduction to some relationships that I will lean on throughout my career.”
– Jason Maybay, Consolidated Supply Co., Plumbing Regional Sales Manager

“The Leadership Development Group Coaching program designed and lead by Dan Coughlin has proven to be an incredible tool for my personal and professional growth as a leader in my community and work. Dan’s definition of leadership is “a means of influencing how other people think so they make decisions that improve results in a sustainable way.” The leadership program is a well-organized outline for exploring the concept of leadership and distilling knowledge and personal experiences that are the essentials tools for influencing, developing and improving results within team. Through the program I have met likeminded leaders from a diverse landscape of professional and personal backgrounds, a value add that I can continue to lean on for future leadership direction.”
– Soren Pato, Director of Business Development, MOTUS GI (medical devices)

“Two years ago, I was asked to coordinate a leadership conference for our company as I had a background in event planning. It was through that experience that I met Dan Coughlin. I did not get the opportunity to attend his session at that conference, but our staff simply raved about what they learned from him.

“When Dan posted on LinkedIn that he would be running a 10-session leadership program that would accept 20 people, I felt a sense of urgency to secure one of the coveted spots! This evening was the tenth and final session for our group, and I feel more grateful to have been a part of this experience than I ever thought possible.

“I knew from descriptions given by people in my network that Dan was a special person. Now that I know Dan, I can say that the wonderful reviews I heard did not do him justice. Dan is open, kind, and positive – his calm presence provides you with comfort to be your most authentic self. There is no judgement in this group – Dan gives insightful and positive feedback. He turns what you feel are failures into learning experiences that just make you better. Dan is incredibly intuitive. He listens intently to what you say, reads your expressions, tones, and body language – he hears even the words you are not saying and in doing this he draws the absolute best out of you!

“I went into this group thinking I would learn a methodical approach to leadership – I ended up learning so much more. This journey has led me to self exploration – learning that the introverted part of who I am is not a weakness – but a strength. In my early career I was told by male leaders that expressing my ideas, setting boundaries, and going after what I deserve were bad things. I was made to feel arrogant, selfish, and undeserving of what I worked for; often hearing snickers behind my back ‘Who does she think SHE is?’

“Dan helped me to re-discover the strengths that I suppressed for so long, to dust them off and let them shine. He also helped me to learn that it is just as important to turn the kindness, dedication, and focus I invest in my work and other people back to myself. This self discovery was unexpected – but has positively impacted my life both professionally and personally in a way I cannot fully express in words.

“Dan’s approach to leadership is not one of ‘I’m the boss, this is what you need to do, and this is how you will do it.’ His approach is one of emotional intelligence that builds bonds with your team, grows, and encourages people to be their best selves – Dan teaches you to be a leader your team WANTS to follow. He teaches you how to change lives.

“The lessons I learned in this group I will carry with me for the rest of my career – and for the rest of my life. I feel incredibly blessed to have met Dan and the 20 amazing leaders who participated in this group.”
– Courtney Young, Director of National Accounts, Traffix (high performance logistics)

“I have been involved with the Leadership Development Group Coaching Program that was lead by Dan Coughlin. Over the ten sessions, we first explored our understanding of ourselves and why we do what we do. We reviewed our past successes and established new goals. We reviewed effective communication skills and why we want to lead and what it takes to be an effective leader. The last few sessions we put together all we discussed in the previous sessions to implement changes within our organization through teamwork and putting our ideas into action.

“If you are new to leadership or just need to enhance your leadership skills, this program is what you need. Not only do you learn and gain insight from Dan, you also learn from the others in the group, which is just as valuable as what Dan has to offer. My advice and suggestion is if you have the opportunity to enroll in this program, do not hesitate to do so. You will be glad you did.”
– Jerry Callahan, Elsberry Pharmacy, Medicine Shoppe Owner

“You might think you don’t need personal coaching or more than likely you don’t have time. But, you should really consider joining Dan’s Leadership program. I personally never thought I would have the opportunity to do something on this level, but I am so glad I replied to the email. Having the opportunity to challenge myself and learn from others with Dan’s leadership has been very rewarding.

“Dan is thoughtful, intuitive and an encourager. Many might say, leadership development is outside my comfort box, and you might be right, which is all the more reason for you to join. I highly encourage anyone looking to improve their leadership, personally or professionally, to give Dan’s classes a shot – you will not regret it.”
– Debbie Borg, Nebraska Farmer, Borg Farm

“Dan, thanks so much for the opportunity to be a part of your Leadership Development Group Coaching Program that brought together leaders from across multiple different industries. As a small business owner, your program allowed me to take a step back from my typical day-to-day business operations. The program has taught me how to reflect on my purpose, learn how to become a better leader, and recognize the importance of dreaming big when setting goals.

While preparing for and attending each group session I was required to ask myself tough questions that required serious reflection that I would have never taken the time to exercise if it was not for this program. I really appreciated the group setting and the different perspectives that each participant had to offer based on their unique experiences and backgrounds. In addition to the group sessions, I found my one-on-one session with you to be beneficial as we addressed real-time leadership situations I was encountering. I know the lessons that I have learned from this program and implemented into our organization have helped motivate our team and will lead to continued success for the company.”
– Chris McMahon, Director of Brokerage, Summit Realty Partners (commercial real estate)

“When I first signed up to be a part of The Coughlin Company’s Leadership Development Group Coaching Program, I was feeling a bit intimidated by being part of a group of people who likely had more experience and a larger toolbox of leadership skills than I had. What could I possibly contribute? Throughout the course of this program with Dan Coughlin’s leadership and exercises, I learned to embrace my experiences and dive deep into the skills I didn’t know I already had. This program helped me to understand myself better as a leader and also how to apply new skills to real life situations. Dan’s exercises for the program introduced new approaches I can utilize with my team. Additionally, having the opportunity to discuss ideas and tools with leaders from a variety of industries provided me with insight from different perspectives I would never have been able to experience without this program. Maybe most importantly, this program helped to build my confidence as a leader and peer, and provided me with new tools to help further my professional development. Being a part of The Coughlin Company’s Leadership Development Group Coaching Program has been an invaluable experience for me and I highly recommend it to all who want to advance their leadership skills!”
– Katie Costillo, Social Services Unit Supervisor, Division of Senior and Disability Services, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

“The coaching with Dan was tremendous. Hands down the best coaching that I have ever received. I admired the way he helped you identify your strengths and showed you how to enhance them and use them instead of finding your weaknesses and working on improving those. It was an extremely positive and effective practice. He was also very valuable when it came to helping with stress in the work place and maintaining a healthy work/life balance. I cannot say enough good things about the coaching.”
– Kyle Sanders, Co-President, G.T. Sanders

“The Group Coaching sessions with Dan Coughlin have been very beneficial. They have helped me focus on what is important for my company as well as my career. The discussions on leadership have been particularly inspiring and have influenced me to stay engaged at work every day. I am glad I had the opportunity to work with Dan and my fellow leaders to focus on bettering our leadership skills for the tasks ahead.”

“After taking Dan Coughlin’s Group Coaching Leadership Development Program, I took his Group Coaching Management Development Program. This second program was also very beneficial to me. The topics discussed have helped me to maintain my focus on key business initiatives. I also enjoyed the fact that the group is a little more open during phase two because of the effective conversational format of phase one. I would recommend phase two of this program for the main reason of continuing one’s focus on one’s highest goals in the workplace.”
– Reed White, Co-President & Managing Principal of Operations, George T. Sanders Company

“Dan Coughlin’s Group Coaching Program has been a tremendous benefit to my professional development. Dan provides very practical ways to enhance leadership capabilities among a wide variety of students. The lessons discussed in the program are real issues that all leaders face on a daily basis. By committing to the program and implementing the lessons learned I have become a better leader for my teams and organization overall.”
– Kyle Cline, Vice-President of Operations, Locke Supply Co.

“I would highly recommend this training to anyone, no matter where they are in their leadership journey. The process allows you to learn, develop, and perfect how you will lead. No one is the same, and I greatly appreciated the ability to look at my own leadership skills and see how I could develop and grow. Furthermore, the small groups allowed you to see that many of us face similar challenges. Having that network to brainstorm with had more value than I could have imagined.”
– Katie Bartosik, Parts Business Development Manager, The Habegger Corporation

“Dan is an amazing coach! Going into this, I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like and was a little nervous but once my first session was over, I felt very comfortable moving forward. Dan’s program is very organized and well put together and the way he presents all of his material to everyone is ‘top notch’ in my books. I really enjoyed meeting other professionals from all across the nation and being able to gain some new contacts to consult with moving forward. After going through all of the sessions, I am walking away with a better understanding of my thought processes and decision-making on a daily basis.”
– Steve Mauter, Sales Manager, G.T. Sanders & Company

“I found Dan’s group coaching to be quite beneficial. I’m an introvert, so I was a little apprehensive to wanting to share with the group. However, during the first session, I realized that the others in the group were going through similar scenarios as me, and that made it very easy to open up and discuss what was going on in my work life. Dan provides helpful coaching tips all throughout the sessions. He always has great suggestions for people to try for solving problems or issues we are encountering in our daily lives. I took a lot of notes during every session and plan on reviewing them often as a way to continue growing as a leader in my organization.
– Kyle Potgeter, Heating Sales Manager, ETNA Supply Manager

“Dan Coughlin’s Group Coaching Program was a great way to learn and develop my skills and strengths as a newer leader in my company. The topics we covered were helpful for me, and I believe would be beneficial for experienced managers as well. Each month we covered items that put things into perspective by focusing on and analyzing our thoughts and processes. We developed news skills and emphasized our strengths which allowed us to grow as employees and managers. Two of my biggest takeaways from the program were, having a natural sounding board of other managers across the country, and learning specifically about personality types. This program helped me to understand how to approach certain people or situations in the most effective way. I would highly recommend the program to any new manager, as well as an experienced one looking to further grow their career and skill set.”
– David Divoky, Parts Manager, Central and Northeast Ohio, The Habegger Corporation

“This Group Coaching Program has been a refreshing exercise in taking an outside perspective on my own skills, strengths, and weaknesses as a leader. Dan does a great job in bringing about the important questions about who you are as a person, a leader, and what ultimately will determine your happiness in life and work. I love how we cover key ideas and themes for leadership and life and how they go from being broad ideas into personalized, specific, and meaningful observations that I can take action on as soon as the meeting is over. It is just a great practice to step away from the typical daily grind and focus on figuring out my passions and get perspective on my development as a leader.”
– Geoff Peirce, Regional Sales Manager, Peirce-Phelps, Inc.

“Participating in the group coaching sessions with Dan Coughlin has forced me to carve time out of my schedule to focus on my development as a leader and professional. At this stage in my career, I am often so focused in getting things accomplished that I fail to spend the time working on the skills and attributes that I need to be a successful leader in my current position – and other positions in the future. Dan has done a great job of leading thought provoking discussions that have challenged me personally and professionally, and I’ve seen a significant improvement because of it. The coaching sessions have also been a great networking resource, allowing us to collectively discuss relevant topics and generate ideas to help each of us drive success at each of our companies. Simply put, participating in this program has made me a better leader, professional, and team member.
– Rick Roosien, Director of Customer Service, ETNA Supply Company

“For me the Group Coaching Program was an eye opening look at what it takes to be an effective, and successful manager. That said, whether the word “Manager” is in your title or not, we all have a responsibility to both our companies and ourselves, to do our very best, each day. In my opinion, this course highlights some of the most crucial aspects of what is required to accomplish that. Quite simply, the skillsets we learned and discussed are ones that can applied on a daily basis, on all levels of business. In addition, I’ve now established an invaluable network of contacts, that I’ve been able to converse with regarding everything from operations advice to IT configurations. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in improving either their personal and/or professional performance; whether you’re just entering the work force, or you’ve spent a career in your field.”
– Jay Fahy, Territory Manager, Collins Pipe and Supply Company

“I had the pleasure of participating in a 6-month long group coaching program led by Dan. He brings a practical thought process to interactions that occur daily. Specifically, learning about how we are all hardwired differently, and being aware of the differences, has helped me more effectively communicate and get more work done with less. Dan has a gift to help advance in all aspects of your professional career, he truly cares! ”
– Luke Wiedeman, Purchasing Manager, Reeves-Wiedeman Company

“I wanted to say thank you for the great experience working with you and the other members of the group. I thought it was very beneficial for myself to have another avenue of learning. I am going to sit with the other members at my company this week to discuss the program and some of the things I learned. The Leadership Group Coaching program led by Dan was such a great experience. Dan does a great job leading the group discussion and getting all of the member to interact and engage. I found the topics and discussions to be extremely thought provoking and insightful. I look forward to applying a lot of the things discussed into my everyday practice.”
– Joseph Canuso, Vice-President, Louis P. Canuso Inc.

“The AD group coaching experience with Dan Coughlin was great! The exercises and information received was invaluable and will help greatly as I grow within Texas Plumbing Supply’s leadership team. At times it can be intimidating to enter into today’s leadership or “corporate” roles in our industry, but now having gone through Dan’s coaching I believe I can help our team confidently and effectively to achieve common goals. You won’t find in a classroom setting a coaching program like this. The opportunity to work with Dan and connect and work with industry partners is something I’d definitely recommend to everyone!”
– Jacob Fuller, Inside Sales Rep,Texas Plumbing Supply

“Dan Coughlin’s Group Coaching program was of tremendous value to me as a sales manager. This program helped me to improve not only as a manager, but as a communicator. The ability to understand how people make decisions, how we can influence others positively, the power of focus, and understanding myself better were some of the best takeaways. I had tools at the end of every session I could start implementing immediately, and the network of people I met was the icing on the cake. I now have contacts at other distributors throughout the country in various positions that I can call/email to get their opinions and insight in a number of areas. Anyone looking to improve their management, communication, and time management skills as well as increase their network of professionals should take this class!”
– Dom Lipp, Parts and supplies Sales manager, CarrierWest/Lohmiller and Company

“I was fortunate to participate in the Group Coaching Program led by Dan Coughlin. This six month program challenges business leaders to analyze best practices while honing various management and leadership skills. The topics, discussions and interactions are all relevant and the lessons learned will payoff for years to come. I highly recommend this program to those looking to invest in the future leaders of our industry.”
– Seth DePuy, Director of Sales and Marketing, First Supply LLC

“The ‘Zoom’ monthly sessions created way to have face to face contact monthly, while not having to incur any travel costs. Breaking the groups up into mini-groups also allows for more in-depth discussions and provide real-world solutions. Rotating the mini-groups also provided different perspectives to issues each month. The spacing of the meetings worked well because it was a huge burden to complete the assignments while keeping up with normal day-to-day work, but you never felt like you lost contact with the group. Dan was a great leadership mentor.”
– Justin Capar, Controller, American Metals