Management Development Group Coaching Program


Establish an environment for business executives and managers to develop in relevant, practical, and sustainable ways that generate better results for their organizations.

Philosophy and Guidelines of our Group Coaching Program

We see each Group Coaching Program as being like a Magic Box where people come from all over the world with a focus on The Total Team Concept, which states that everyone in the group benefits by doing his or her best to help every other member of the group to become significantly better at management.

Our only guidelines for each session are respectfulness, open-mindedness, and caring. Respectfulness in terms of really listening to each other, not interrupting each other, and staying focused on the other people and not checking cellphones and emails during our sessions. Be open-minded to the possibility that other people might have good ideas and be willing to consider those ideas, and be open-minded to the possibility that you might have good ideas and be willing to share them. And, most importantly, really care about the success of the other people in the Group Coaching Program.

Facilitator/Guide: Dan Coughlin

Dan Coughlin facilitates and guides each of the small group discussions within this Management Development Group Coaching Program. He has provided Group Coaching Programs for people from more than 30 different companies. He has also provided more than 4,000 one-on-one Executive Coaching sessions for over 260 individuals since 1998, and more than 500 seminars on leadership and management. His clients include Fortune 500 companies like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Marriott, GE, Shell, Cisco, and Toyota, as well as more than 200 large and medium-sized companies.


The Group Coaching Program lasts for six months. It begins with a one-on-one meeting between Dan Coughlin and each of the students to clarify what the student is trying to achieve or improve as a result of being in the program. There is a two-hour Group Coaching Session every month.

Size of the Group and Small-Group Discussions

Each Group Coaching Program has a minimum of three members and a maximum of twenty members. We keep the size of the group limited in order to make sure that each person receives the proper attention necessary to facilitate effective management development.

In our monthly small group discussions using Zoom Videoconferencing we will have at most five people in each session. That way everyone will have an opportunity to contribute significantly to the group discussion. If there are twenty people in the program at the same time, then we would have four small-group sessions each month with five people in each small group. Each month we will mix up the small groups so that by the end of the six months you will have met everyone in your Group Coaching Program. Each monthly session will last for two hours.

Management Themes We Will Discuss in this Group Coaching Program

During our six small group discussions we will cover the following management topics:

  1.  People
    •  Clarify, attract, hire, place, develop, and retain the type of people you want
    • Strengthen your bench strength
    • Reinforce your desired culture for long-term success
  2. Deciding and Doing
    • Strategy
    • Planning
    • Execution
  3. Value Positioning and Enhancement
    • Branding
    • Innovation

Prework Thinking Exercises

At least two weeks before each monthly session, you will receive a set of 4-5 Thinking Exercises to do to prepare for that month’s small group discussion. Doing this prework is essential to the quality of our discussions.

Relevant Monthly Book Recommendations with Selected Chapters

Included in the packet of exercises for that month’s theme, you will receive chapter recommendations from 2-3 books. This is not mandatory reading. This is supplementary reading on that month’s theme.

Peer Feedback on Your Actual Work Situations

The last 45 minutes of each monthly session will be saved for the participants to ask a question for the group. Each person will be given the opportunity to give you his or her feedback on your question. Dan Coughlin will offer his perspective on each person’s question after the other participants have given their feedback.

A Professional Network to Bounce Ideas Around

Each month you will be encouraged to actively interact with the other participants beyond the two-hour monthly group sessions. These networks become incredibly valuable because you now have a group of people who can offer you a variety of perspectives on topics and situations that you deal with on a regular basis.

Description of Participants

The most important common denominator is that the individual participants are serious about wanting to work to improve their effectiveness as managers. The other key trait of the participants is they are actively willing to be supportive and engaged with the other members of the group. The main attitude is being helpful to each other in developing as managers.

The participant’s title or role or level of authority is not the critically important factor. It also doesn’t matter the size of the organization where the person works. Those are not the critical factors.

Time Commitment

You can expect to invest 4-6 hours each month in this Leadership Development Group Coaching Program. You will be in a small group discussion for two hours each month. The prework thinking exercises will take less than two hours each month. And you might supplement the learning experience with the recommended chapters to read or in brainstorming with other members of the group during the month. So you can realistically expect to invest less than six hours a month into the Group Coaching Program.

Individual Coaching Sessions with Dan Coughlin

Each participant in the Group Coaching Program will have an opportunity to have two one-hour one-on-one coaching sessions with Dan Coughlin during the six months. In those sessions, you can discuss any topic you want with Dan. He will offer his perspective based on his experience in management and leadership development.

Unlimited Email Access to Dan Coughlin

In addition to the two individual conversations with Dan, you will have unlimited access to him. You can email as many questions as you want to Dan about actual work situations or management scenarios. He will respond to all email questions within 24 hours, and usually within a few hours.

No Travel Expenses

This entire Management Development Group Coaching Program is delivered through Zoom videoconferencing. You will be participating from the comfort of your home or office. You don’t have to travel at all to be in this program. There is no charge to you for the Zoom videoconferencing. All you need is a video camera for your computer, which you can purchase for less than $80.

Money-Back Guarantee

There is a 100% money-back guarantee for this Management Development Group Coaching Program. If you are not satisfied with the quality of this program, you can request and receive a 100% refund.

Open Enrollment

You can enroll in the course at any time. You can enroll by yourself, and you will be placed in a group with participants from other organizations, or you can enroll a group of 3 – 20 people from your organization. If you have at least three people from your own organization in a program at the same time, you can then either do the Group Coaching Program as your own group, or you can have your group be added to people from other organizations.

Fee for the Management Development Group Coaching Program

There is a sliding fee scale based on the number of people from your organization that are in a given Group Coaching Program.

More Information

If you would like more information on The Coughlin Company’s Management Development Group Coaching Program, just email or text/call 314-614-8622.