The Inner Quest: An Internal Journey to Excellence

The Inner Quest: An Internal Journey to Excellence


The Inner Quest is a 60-day course for strengthening your inner self. It is not focused on you achieving better results, a bigger title, a larger income, or creating new products or services. The goal of this course is to help you generate awakenings inside of yourself that you can then apply to your personal, family, work, and community lives.

You will not be told what to think, but you will be challenged to think.

This course consists of prework reflection exercises and guided small group discussions. There will be a total of 4 bi-weekly two-hour group discussions and two one-on-one conversations with Dan Coughlin. You can anticipate a time commitment of between 15 and 20 hours for the entire program. Of course, the more you pour into it, the more you will get out of it.

The small group discussions will be on Zoom videoconferencing. We will determine the dates and times of the program once we have established who will be in the program.

At the conclusion of this course each participant will be expected to write a 2-3 page paper as to how they will try to apply what they have gained from The Inner Quest in trying to make a positive difference in the world.

Six months after the completion of this course each participant will be expected to write another 2-3 page paper as to how their journey is going in fulfilling their purpose.

In The Inner Quest, the emphasis is on helping the person to reflect, discern, and strengthen his or her inner self. In doing so, the person can then apply what has been awakened within him or her into his or her various life situations.


Session One

  • Surrender Immediate Gratifications
  • Embrace Your Morals
  • Choose Your Virtues

Session Two

  • Clarify Your Higher Purpose
  • Contribute
  • Maintain Courage
  • Overcome Fear of Failure

Session Three

  • Relationships: damaging relationships, strengthening relationships, and deep discussions

Session Four

  • Achieve Internal Excellence
  • Define Your Leadership Philosophy
  • Renew Your Organization

We will discuss:

  • How reflection and discernment can help us see what we want to do and what we don’t want to do.
  • The potentially devastating effect of immediate gratification on our lives and our relationships.
  • The virtues we aspire to bring to fruition in our lives.
  • The morals we want guiding our decisions and behaviors.
  • How to apply love, reverence, grace, mercy, justice, and forgiveness in our relationships at home, work, and in our community.
  • How we get in our own way in building effective relationships.
  • What we feel we are called to do with our lives and the reasons we feel we need to do this.
  • The meaningful contribution we want to make in each area of our lives.
  • What we need to surrender to virtue, to love, to our higher purpose, and to forgiveness in order to make the contribution we want to make with our lives.
  • The role courage plays in our ability to make the contribution we want to give.
  • How to achieve excellence, which means doing the best we are capable of doing right now while simultaneously learning how to do it better the next time.
  • What we need to do to renew our organizations and make the contribution we are capable of making as organizations.

Facilitator & Guide: Dan Coughlin

Since 1986 Dan Coughlin has focused on the outer quest with individuals and groups. He has served as a high school teacher, college and high school soccer coach, executive coach, corporate guide, and seminar leader on helping them to achieve whatever they wanted to achieve. His focus has been on personal effectiveness, interpersonal effectiveness, leadership, teamwork, and management. And now for the first time ever Dan is guiding a group of individuals on the inner quest through immediate gratification, virtue, morals, higher purpose, deep discussions, and organizational renewal toward achieving excellence from within.

Fee: The Pay-It-Forward Payment Approach

There is no financial fee for this program. However, commitment is an expectation of this program.

The Application for The Inner Quest course consists of writing a 2-3 page paper introducing yourself and explaining why you want to be in this program. This program is open to any person around the world who is serious about going on the internal journey to excellence. We will have at most ten people in the first round of this course that begins in September of 2022 and ends in November of 2022.

To request an Application please contact Dan Coughlin at 314-614-8622 or