Seminar #4: Strengthen Team Excellence

This seminar is part of The Seminars on Excellence — a comprehensive approach to strengthening excellence throughout an organization.

Excellence is doing the best you can at whatever you’re doing while simultaneously learning how to do it better the next time.

Team Excellence is a group of individuals supporting one another toward the fulfillment of a meaningful purpose and the achievement of important goals to the best of their ability while learning how to do it better the next time.


Dan Coughlin teaches how to strengthen team excellence in the following ways:

  • Half-Day Workshop
  • Full-Day Seminar
  • Two-Day Retreat
  • Webinar


Guidelines: respectfulness, open-mindedness, honesty, and caring

Clarity of purpose

Clarity of objectives

Clarity of roles and responsibilities

Three levels of group effectiveness and the exponential value of collaboration:

  • Competition
  • Cooperation
  • Collaboration

Four ways to behave at the intersection of an idea:

  • Negative and disengaged
  • Negative and engaged
  • Positive and disengaged
  • Positive and engaged

Master the fundamentals of communication (Communication 1.0)

  • I think through what I want to say.
  • I clearly and completely say in a timely manner what I meant to say.
  • The other person hears and understands what I said.
  • The other person thinks through what he or she wants to say.
  • The other person clearly and completely says in a timely manner what he or she meant to say.
  • I hear and understand what the other person said.

Master the fundamentals of empathy (Communication 2.0)

  • Empathy is working to understand what another person is thinking and feeling, and then responding appropriately.

Communication approaches that ruin working relationships

Communication approaches that strengthen working relationships

Decisions made, actions taken, and then reflection and discernment as a group

The Total Team Concept (everyone benefits when everyone does the best he or she can do to support one another toward the fulfillment of the purpose and the achievement of the desired objectives)

  • It’s aspirational.
  • It’s rare, but an extraordinary feeling.

Apology and forgiveness

Maintain urgency in the absence of emergency

The value of being there (the critical importance of helping relationships in an organization)

Conflict Resolution

  • Cut at the roots of conflict resolution