Consider a world where…

Thoughts on Excellence Free E-Newsletter Series
Volume 20, Issue No. 13b
June 15, 2022

By Dan Coughlin


Things to Consider

Consider a world where people talked with each other in a respectful, kind, and caring way instead of verbal attacks for having a different political view or different religious beliefs or no political view or no religious beliefs.

Consider a world where people engaged in meaningful conversations with each other and focused on preserving emotional safety instead of eliminating life with bullets and bombs.

Consider a world where every person treated every other person with dignity, kindness, love, and appreciation in a positively affirming way.

Consider a world where people looked for the good in each other, accepted each other with no changes, and appreciated each other.

Consider a world where people didn’t obsess over yelling that the other person is always wrong.

How would we talk with and interact with each other in a world like that?

  • What would that life be like?
  • What would our relationships be like?
  • What would our societies be like?

I’m not saying that world will ever exist.

I’m just asking you to consider what it would be like.

Maybe you will decide to create that world in the slice of the world you live in.

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