Pro Bono Work for Certain Not-For-Profit Organizations

Thoughts on Excellence Free E-Newsletter Series
Volume 14, Issue No. 9b
January 15, 2016

By Dan Coughlin

In 1984 I wrote down this purpose for my career: to help other people achieve what they want to achieve. Over the past 30 years that purpose has evolved to working with people to increase their effectiveness and significance.

I have tried to fulfill that purpose by learning and explaining practical ideas that other people can consider using toward achieving their desired outcomes. I’ve taught these ideas in more than two hundred corporations. When I do that, I charge for my work. Now, in addition to continuing my work with corporations, I am actively looking to teach these ideas for FREE to not-for-profit organizations who have a great cause and little or no money for management consultants.

I have developed a comprehensive framework for improving individual, group, and organizational performance and results that I call The Any Person Mindset. You can see this framework by clicking here. I am offering to teach and/or facilitate sessions related to any aspect of The Any Person Mindset for these not-for-profit organizations anywhere in the U.S.

I think people who are driven primarily by a mission that is not paying them a lot of money could benefit from these ideas on a pro bono basis. I want to focus on not-for-profit organizations and mission-centered organizations and religious organizations that are mission-driven. I’m looking to help for free groups that really want to make a difference in the world and who could benefit from practical ideas that could help them to make the significant difference that they want to make and who don’t have the resources to invest in this type of practical personal, group, and organizational development.

Here’s How I Will Teach The Any Person Mindset for Free

Essentially, I will teach on a pro bono basis The Any Person Mindset to the not-for-profit organizations I’ve described. I will research the group before I speak to them, and customize my remarks and exercises to their specific situation. I’m willing to travel to their organization. I will only charge for my travel expenses if the location is more than six hours outside of St. Louis, and I will keep my travel expenses as low as I can.

Soooo, if you know of someone in the type of not-for-profit organization I’ve described above who could benefit from learning The Any Person Mindset, please feel free to have them email me at Have them put “Dan Coughlin Pro Bono Work” in the subject line. I will reach back to the person and explain how I will teach these ideas on how to improve individual, group, and organizational performance.

If you want to discuss this concept with me, email me or call me at 314/614-8622 and I’ll try my best to answer your questions.

Republishing Articles

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