The Dan Coughlin Approach

My approach to working with clients is the same approach I learned from the people who worked with me when I was growing up.

These key influencers in my life included Dad, Mom, Aunt Marge, Uncle Ivan, Aunt Helen, Mr. Nolan, Mr. Mensio, Miss Kostecki, Coach Jeff, Nancy Wombrach, Miss Layton, Mr. Becvar, Mr. Dunn, Mr. Hannick, Coach Grace, Ted Drewes, and Jerry Yeagley. These were my parents, relatives, teachers, coaches, and employers.

It’s an approach based on being down-to-earth, friendly, encouraging, patient, results-focused, honest, firm, engaged, respectful, open-minded, caring, collaborative, prepared, and challenging.

It’s an approach that avoids arrogance, rudeness, putting people down, sarcasm, negative judgments, and belittling other people’s efforts.

It’s also an approach that delivers practical content based on the insights derived from reading more than 600 books on individual and group excellence and providing more than 4,000 Executive Coaching sessions with more than 250 executives in over 50 industries since 1998.

In the end, I serve three roles for my clients: teacher, advisor, and guide for group efforts toward achieving key desired outcomes.

All of my work focuses on improving individual and group excellence. Excellence is doing whatever you do as well as you can do it right now while simultaneously learning how to do it better the next time. Little by little performance improves until one day it is recognized as being truly exceptional. The idea is then to continue on with excellence.

Dan Coughlin

Dan Coughlin is the co-author of the new book The Any Person Mindset: Be Accountable to the Difference You Can Make