Healthcare Testimonials

BJC HealthCare

Dan, on behalf of the entire leadership community at BJC HealthCare, I want to thank you for your inspiring keynote session. The top 300 leaders in our organization greatly benefited from your messages and actionable steps presented during your ‘Lead the Way’ presentation. Personally, I enjoyed the way you connected the tenants of leadership between today’s leaders and historical leaders whose styles and approaches have stood the test of time. As we continue to transform our organization, these leadership lessons will help us lead the way to success. Thank you again for a wonderful session.

Steven Lipstein
President and Chief Executive Officer
BJC HealthCare

Dan, I want to sincerely thank you for the incredible leadership session you led during our recent human resources conference with over 120 of our top human resources professionals at BJC HealthCare. Being the closing speaker of an all-day meeting is certainly no easy task, but your energy and positive messages closed our meeting on an exceptionally high note. We received lots of feedback from our attendees who expressed their enjoyment for the many lessons learned from your Accelerate Your Impact as a Leader session. The simple and practical steps you shared that we could immediately put into action were very well received. As a result of your session, I personally am carving out my own ‘thinking time’ on a regular basis! On behalf of the entire human resources community at BJC HealthCare, thank you again for a wonderful session! I would not hesitate to highly recommend your services to other colleagues seeking a proven motivational keynote speaker who knows how to connect with the audience and help accelerate their leadership impact.

Rhonda S. Brandon
Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer
BJC Healthcare

I have had the pleasure of working with Dan Coughlin during the last fifteen months. I engaged Dan after hearing him speak at a leadership retreat and being impressed with his knowledge and perspective on leadership. At the time, I was beginning a transition from chief operating officer to chief executive officer in a new organization. I did not want to underestimate the challenge of moving into this new role nor assume that the leadership characteristics that had allowed me to succeed previously would be equally successful in this new role. I felt that having an executive coach at the time of this transition could be very beneficial. Dan was very helpful in providing feedback and guidance for my on-boarding process to the organization. He provided me with initial 360-degree feedback after my first 100 days that allowed me to develop a specific action plan to address the gaps that were uncovered. >From there, and using some of the feedback provided, Dan helped me break my time into the key components of my work. There were some aspects of my role that I naturally gravitated towards and exceled, and others that were more challenging and less natural for me, but equally, if not more important. Dan helped me identify the key objectives and tactics for each of these areas and I became more intentional in the use of my time and for those parts of my role that were not as natural a fit for me. What I have found most beneficial with Dan have been the discussions on key issues that have arisen during my first year in the organization. It was helpful to identify the strategies to address the issues, but more importantly, identifying the leadership traits and characteristics that were necessary for the situation. From my time with Dan, I have become much more introspective about my leadership skills and developmental needs and more discerning about how to be the best leader I can be for my organization. In short, I am a better leader today than I was fifteen months ago, and Dan is a large part of that maturation.

Doug Black
Barnes Jewish West County Hospital

Cardinal Health

On behalf of Medicine Shoppe International and our six hundred franchisees, I want to thank you for playing a key role in our National Meeting in Seattle as our keynote speaker and also leading a breakout session on branding. Your keynote address contained a message that every business owner needed to hear in today’s pharmacy environment. I am also pleased that it dovetailed perfectly with my message. The quality of your remarks reflected the research and effort that you put into the presentation. Visiting our pharmacies as a customer and in your capacity as our keynote speaker allowed you to personalize your address. I believe that your personalization resonated with our franchisees, giving your presentation more meaning and more impact. Your connection with our franchisees was also evident in your breakout session on branding. You were the only session to ‘sell out.’ Your keynote presentation left them wanting more, and you didn’t disappoint them in your branding session. As a matter of course we debriefed the staff after the meeting soliciting feedback on a number of topics, but, most importantly, the speakers. For the record, you received the most comments and they were all very positive. Thank you for contributing to the success of our National Meeting.

John Fiacco
Vice President
Medicine Shoppe International, a Cardinal Health company

Abbott Laboratories

Dan, I wanted to write to say thank you for a wonderful and inspiring discussion on leadership that you gave at our annual meeting. The fact that you started your talk by memorizing everyone’s name really got the team’s attention! I particularly appreciate the time that you took to understand what we were looking for, and to tailor your remarks to the audience. In fact, looking over our survey responses, almost everyone rated your session with the highest possible score. As we discussed, the team is already performing at a high level, and one of our goals was to keep “the pedal to the metal”. Your comments on continual improvement and staying motivated while motivating others are the ones that I know will resonate longest with the group. Thanks again for a great session!

Elaine Leavenworth
Government Affairs

Dan Coughlin took time to understand our needs and challenges through interviews and discussion prior to the meeting, then tailored his talk on accelerating leadership to us in a very engaging manner and gave us approaches that we could readily put to use to improve our leadership skills. He received the most positive and highest remarks on our feedback survey for relevance and engagement. One attendee said, ‘I have already used the information that was provided to us by the Keynote speaker to accelerate the leadership of a new issue to help us move the business forward.’ Thanks again for your excellent talk at our Global Regulatory Conference.

Cecilia Kimberlin, Ph.D.
Vice President
Abbott Laboratories
Medical Products Group
Quality, Regulatory, & Compliance

American Cancer Society

Dan, I want to thank you again for your compelling presentation ‘Accelerate Your Impact as a Leader’ at the American Cancer Society Corporate Impact Conference. I continue to use and re-use the information and material to improve my leadership capabilities. The Conference Planning Committee, as well as my many colleagues at the session, agreed that your practical advice, along with the Leadership Action Guide, hit the mark. As leaders, one of our primary roles is to have an impact on how other people think, and you provided excellent insight and actions to help us make that happen. After the session, many participants talked about the various styles you presented, and how this will help them tremendously in the future. Your passion on this topic, the pre-work you did in getting to know the audience, and your partnering with us along the way, are only some of the reasons for your success. We definitely walked away with a new enthusiasm in our roles as leaders. Thank you.

Marla Langenhorst
Director, Ameren and Planning Committee Member
American Cancer Society Corporate Impact Conference

Centene Corporation

Dan Coughlin doesn’t just ‘show up’ to share his leadership development experience. He invests in the organization where he chooses to partner. My entire Brand Building organization walked away from his keynote session motivated, inspired, and armed for action. He doesn’t offer platitudes or generalizations. Instead, he offers specific actions to take, personalized for each individual in the room. His actions have helped me develop more engaged, more efficient employees. If you ever have the chance to hear him speak, I would encourage you not to miss it: because Dan truly believes in making you better.

Dave Minifie
Centene Corporation
Executive Vice-President

Shawnee Mission Medical Center

Health care is a changing industry. To remain the leading hospital in our community, we need nimble managers ready to make the next move to enhance patient care and increase volumes. We invited Dan Coughlin to our annual board and leadership retreat to jump start the process. Dan’s message was a hit with the entire audience, from our front-line managers to board members, many of which are business and community leaders. Dan’s practical and easy to grasp message provided great take-home tools to accelerate their ability to lead. We are now incorporating those tools in our day-to-day management.

Samuel H. Turner, Sr.
President & CEO
Shawnee Mission Medical Center


Mr. Coughlin, as promised, I’m sending the results of the speaker evaluations from our meeting in May. Your presentation was very well received and I want to extend our thanks for a job well done.

Bruce A. Naylor, MD, FACP
Medical Consultant, Performance Improvement & Patient Safety
VHA Oklahoma/Arkansas