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Services Dan Coughlin Provides to Clients

Dan Coughlin works with business owners, CEOs, senior executives, and senior managers on an individual and group basis to generate sustainable success for their organizations. Here are the services Dan provides for his clients:

Keynote Speaker

Dan improves speed of execution by helping audience members to narrow their focus to fewer business outcomes and simplify their approaches to generate those outcomes. Audience members begin to deal more effectively with changes thrust at them and to communicate changes in ways that lead to greater productivity by their employees. Dan gets his audience members to clarify their value proposition and the values they will demonstrate consistently to their customers. This helps them to strengthen their organization’s brand and streamline decision-making in their organization. He helps managers to interact with their employees in practical ways that reduce turnover and increase employee engagement and productivity. Audience members learn to adjust their thinking about past events in order to bring the sustained positive effort necessary to achieve breakthrough results. They steadily improve performance on a monthly basis by using a practical bar-raising process. They move from constant activity to scheduled thinking time on a weekly basis in order to develop the ideas necessary to grow the business in a sustainable way.

Dan’s topics include business excellence, leadership, teamwork, execution, innovation, and branding. Before delivering his highly interactive and customized keynote speeches both for individual corporations and industry-wide conferences, Dan does considerable research on each group including phone interviews, email surveys, on-site visits, mystery shops, working as an employee, and studying the organization’s strategy and plans.

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Executive Coach

In working with Dan Coughlin as an Executive Coach, business owners, CEOs, COOs, CMOs, presidents, and other executives identify what to stop doing in their regular activities and sacrifice those actions. They gain clarity and strategically focus their time and energy on the fewest activities that will matter the most in driving sustainable success for their organization. They move faster toward implementing those items. They become more effective in dealing with direct reports who have various personality and decision-making styles. They make decisions quicker on which employees to concentrate on and which ones, if necessary, to let go of. This work often impacts their corporate culture in a practical way that attracts, retains, and develops highly productive employees.

Dan has provided more than 2,500 Executive Coaching sessions for more than 200 executives in over 40 industries since 1998. The dual purpose of Executive Coaching is to assist the business owner or executive in achieving excellent results for the desired business outcomes in the short term while developing his or her leadership skills toward enhancing the organization’s long-term success.

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The Any Person Mindset Leadership Seminar

These customized seminars are based on Dan Coughlin’s core belief about how to build sustainable success for an organization. He calls it The Any Person Mindset. It says, “Any person can make a significant difference in an organization. No one is born with the necessary traits. These are learned thinking traits.”

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Strategic Planning Guide

In helping to guide an organization’s strategic planning process, Dan assists the senior executives in creating a plan that is relevant to customer needs, supported by the employees who will be executing the plan, and separates the organization from its competition. He helps this group of key leaders to redefine their business when necessary and establish a plan of execution that strengthens their brand and creates innovative solutions for their customers that generate sustainable profitable growth for the organization.

Working with the Senior Management Team to Execute a Company-Wide Change

Dan works with the senior management team members both individually and as a group to guide them through the process of successfully implementing a company-wide change. Change can create chaos in an organization. The keys to effectively implementing a change are clarity, communication, engagement, empathy, and discipline. This begins with the senior management team and their approach to understanding the change and communicating it clearly and effectively throughout the organization. It also requires addressing challenges as they arise during the change process. These challenges can be strategic, tactical, and relational. The ability to successfully implement a change allows the organization to move forward confidently and implement other changes effectively in the future.

Customized, Highly-Targeted Workshops

Business groups run into problems and changes which require focused attention. A change in structure leaves people feeling disempowered and out of the loop, which causes them to lose their team identity to the point where individual productivity has dropped and employee engagement has dipped significantly. A group becomes stuck in doing things the way they’ve always done them and can’t see a way to innovate out of their current situation. An organization’s brand has lost its relevance in the marketplace and key decision-makers struggle to clarify the brand going forward. In each of those situations and many others, Dan Coughlin researches the group and the company, and then creates and facilitates a customized interactive workshop to address the group’s specific needs. These are not workshops taken off of a shelf. Each one is crafted to meet a specific group’s specific needs in a very focused manner.

Building an In-House Leadership Academy for High-Potential Employees

Dan prepares high-potential individuals within an organization to take on greater leadership responsibilities in the future. Rather than having to hire executives from the outside, this service helps employees you know well and trust to become more competent for higher-level executive responsibilities in the future. These future executives learn to effectively deal with real-life business situations and the complexities involved in those situations. This helps you to establish your succession plans with confidence that if something happened to a senior executive today you would have the bench strength necessary to carry on successfully as an organization.

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