Executive Coaching for Individuals

I have had the pleasure of working with Dan Coughlin for 4 years. He has a unique ability to provide both individual and group development. As my Business Coach he has developed tools that I use which challenge my thought process and enhance the effectiveness of my decisions. While his perspective is wide ranging, he also is very effective with specific situations. He customizes processes based on your specific needs and then stays focused on using the process effectively to help you achieve the desired result. He does a thorough job of understanding his audience when working with a group. The amount of prework and preparation including getting to know each player has been very effective. His style of coaching leaves the group feeling that they solved the issue and truly own the process. Dan’s ability to partner with an organization through focusing on opportunity is one of his many strengths that help you get to the result.

Lee Renz
McDonald’s USA
Central Division President

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Group Coaching Programs

“The coaching with Dan was hands down the best coaching that I have ever received. I admired the way he helped you identify your strengths and showed you how to enhance them and use them. I cannot say enough good things about the coaching.”

– Kyle Sanders, G.T. Sanders

“The Zoom monthly sessions created ways to have face-to-face contact monthly, while not having to incur any travel costs. Breaking the group up into mini-groups also allows for more in-depth discussions and provides for real-world solutions. Rotating the mini-groups also provided different perspectives to issues each month. Dan was a great leadership mentor.”

– Justin Capar, American Metals

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“When I first met with Dan Coughlin to talk about my team, I had no idea what I was getting into. I was surprised and ecstatic with the depth of research Dan used to plan our day-long seminar on leadership. The day flew by thanks to Dan’s enthusiasm, willingness to listen, and the diverse plan of activities. Dan has a very simple approach to leadership and provided my team with good, repeatable strategies to improve performance. The feedback I have received has been all positive.”

– Greg Suellentrop, Anheuser-Busch InBev, North American Zone Director

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Organizational Consulting

“After Dan successfully completed several management coaching engagements, we asked if he could help with our strategic planning process for our four divisions. He met with me to define the outcome we wanted over several weeks of discussion. Then Dan spoke with each of the division leaders to make sure they knew what was expected. During the meeting, Dan made sure that we stayed on point in our discussions and asked probing questions. Each division was then tasked with an assignment to further define their strategy, and Dan worked with the leaders to help their efforts. A second meeting was then held, with Dan again running the meeting. It was very satisfying to see what each division had developed with his guidance and the respect that everyone had for each other during the process. Our management team thoroughly enjoyed working with Dan and the relationships they built with him.”

– Al Koller, President, Koller Enterprises Inc.