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These articles are based on the belief that any person can make a significant difference in an organization of any size, but no one is born with the traits necessary to make a significant difference. These are learned traits. The topics covered include: thinking traits of successful performers, leadership & teamwork, strategy & execution, and branding & innovation.

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"Know Your Assets for Significance – Part Four: Your Most Important Beliefs"

Volume 14, Issue No. 6a, October 1, 2015

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Thinking Traits of Significant Difference-Makers

      "The Any Person Movement" Volume 13, Issue No. 10, February 2015
      "Think About How You Think - Part One: Regarding Yourself" Volume 13, Issue No. 11, March 2015
      "Think About How You Think - Part Two: Regarding Others" Volume 13, Issue No. 12, April 2015
      "Think About How You Think - Part Three: Regarding Your Organization's Brand" Volume 14, Issue No. 1, May 2015
      "Think About How You Think - Part Four: Regarding Your Imagination" Volume 14, Issue No. 2, June 2015
      "Know Your Assets for Significance – Part One: The Strongest Characteristics of Your Character" Volume 14, Issue No. 4, August 2015
      "Know Your Assets for Significance – Part Two: Your Greatest Talents" Volume 14, Issue No. 5a, September 1, 2015
      "Know Your Assets for Significance – Part Three: Your Greatest Passions" Volume 14, Issue No. 5b, September 15, 2015
      "Know Your Assets for Significance – Part Four: Your Most Important Beliefs" Volume 14, Issue No. 6a, October 1, 2015

Leadership & Teamwork

      "A Letter to My Sister, Cathy, on How to Live an Excellent Life" Volume 14, Issue No. 3, July 2015
      "Five Traits of People Who Make a Positive Difference" Volume 13, Issue No. 9, January 2015
      "The Do's and Don'ts of Following Your Bliss" Volume 13, Issue No. 7, November 2014
      "Don’t Stop on Railroad Tracks" Volume 13, Issue No. 5, September 2014
      "Choose Your Role, Then Choose Greatness" Volume 13, Issue No. 4, August 2014
      "The Value of Being There" -- the critical importance of helping relationships in an organization" Volume 13, Issue No. 2, May 2014
      "Changing the Arc of History" Volume 12, Issue No. 12, March 2014
      "Underdog Leadership" -- the necessity of stacking the odds against you and your organization" Volume 12, Issue No. 10, January 2014
      "Lead through Major Change -- Insights from 1768-1968" Volume 12, Issue No. 7, October 2013
      "What's All This Talk About Being Authentic?" Volume 12, Issue No. 3, June 2013
      "Competitive Behaviors versus Competitive Strategies," Volume 12, Issue No. 1, April 2013
      "An Open Letter to Aspiring Great Business Leaders Around the World," Volume 11, Issue No. 10, January 2013
      "Behavior Change Requires Sustained Focused Effort," Volume 11, Issue No. 9, December 2012
      "From Technically Competent to Organizational Leader: practical insights on the five critical roles in an organization,"
Volume 11, Issue No. 5, August 2012
      "The Wide Wonderful World of Feedback: how increased awareness improves business performance," Volume 11, Issue No. 4, July 2012
      "The Importance of Integrity: why cheating a little hurts a lot," Volume 11, Issue No. 3, June 2012
      "Make a Long-Term Impact in a Finite Lifetime," Volume 11, Issue No. 2, May 2012
      "Optimize Your Behaviors," Volume 10, Issue No. 11, February 2012
      "Why Shortcuts Ruin Results," Volume 10, Issue No. 7, October 2011
      "Pride, a core value for sustaining success over the long term," Volume 10, Issue No. 6, September 2011
      "Management Lessons from Youth Sports," Volume 10, Issue No. 3, June 2011
      "Convert Past Successes into Future Greater Successes," Volume 10, Issue No. 2, May 2011
      "Sustain Patience, Sustain Effort, Sustain Learning," Volume 10, Issue No. 1, April 2011
      "Why You Need a Sustainable Business Philosophy," Volume 9, Issue No. 12, March 2011
      "Lead for Sustained Success," Volume 9, Issue No. 11, February 2011
      "The Divide Between Ordinary and Extraordinary," Volume 9, Issue No. 7, October 2010
      "Accelerate Excellence: How to sustain excellence for a lifetime," Volume 9, Issue No. 4, July 2010
      "Leadership is Not a Label," Volume 8, Issue No. 12, March 2010
      "Focus on the Fundamentals of Effective Communication within an Organization: Part Three" Volume 12, Issue No. 6, September 2013
      "Focus on the Fundamentals of Effective Communication within an Organization: Part Two" Volume 12, Issue No. 5, August 2013
      "Focus on the Fundamentals of Effective Communication within an Organization: Part One" Volume 12, Issue No. 4, July 2013
      "Your Future Depends on Who You Select," Volume 9, Issue No. 5, August 2010

Strategy & Execution

      "What Seed Belief is Your Organization Based On?" Volume 13, Issue No. 8, December 2014
      "Why Us & Why Not Us?" -- determine the direction and purposeful actions for your organization" Volume 13, Issue No. 6, October 2014
      "Think Inside the Box" -- freedom within a framework" Volume 13, Issue No. 1, April 2014
      "Sacrifice Wasting Energy" -- Understand The 10 Sacrifices" Volume 12, Issue No. 11, February 2014
      "Execution Means Accomplishing What You Planned," Volume 12, Issue No. 8, November 2013
      "Who is Going to Do What When and Why is that Going to Happen?," Volume 11, Issue No. 7, October 2012
      "Leverage Your Resources to Achieve Sustainable Success," Volume 9, Issue No. 10, January 2011

Branding & Innovation

      "The Power of a Single Great Idea" Volume 13, Issue No. 3, June 2014
      "Apply the Value Formula Every Day," Volume 11, Issue No. 12, March 2013
      "Continually Innovate to Generate Sustainable, Profitable Growth," Volume 11, Issue No. 6, September 2012
      "Optimize the Conditions for Great Innovations," Volume 11, Issue No. 1, April 2012
      "Working in the Creativity Age," Volume 10, Issue No. 9, December 2011
      "The Advantages of Disadvantages, how challenges propel great performances," Volume 10, Issue No. 5, August 2011
      "Innovate on a Tight Budget," Volume 9, Issue No. 1, April 2010
      "Feed Your Brand Every Day, 12 Brand-Feeding Approaches to Improve Your Sales" Volume 12, Issue No. 2, May 2013
      "How Promises Affect Brands," Volume 11, Issue No. 8, November 2012
      "Depend on a Concept, Not a Customer," Volume 10, Issue No. 8, November 2011
      "Build Your Hub to Sustain Success," Volume 10, Issue No. 4, July 2011



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