Dan Coughlin's book, The Management 500:
Testimonials, Q&A, Radio Interview, and Sample Chapter

"This powerful book is packed full of practical tools and tips for any leader who wants to create sustainable profitable growth over the long haul. I think this book is perfect for high performers particularly those who are new to a profit center, position or post. Dan offers real and practical insights for execs new in position to power through those critical first few laps and then accelerate their team's performance to win the race. Having had Dan on my personal pit crew as a coach in the past, I can tell you that these strategies work and have helped me and my team win races in our business."
Rick Altizer, President, Jiffy Lube International

"If you are a business manager who loves success and winning and who also loves motorsports like I do, then I believe you will find The Management 500 to be enormously valuable. It's packed with real-world racing analogies for the business manager who strives to win every day. I give Dan Coughlin a solid Checkered Flag in terms of his practical advice to help you win the race for sustainable, profitable growth in your business."
Lee White, President & General Manager, Toyota Racing Development, USA Inc.

"With The Management 500 Dan Coughlin has written an incredible, hard-hitting, fast-moving book that is loaded with proven, practical ideas and strategies to pump up the profits of any business—even in a highly competitive environment. Get it. Read it. Rely on it as your operations manual for success."
Brian Tracy, Best-Selling Author and International Speaker

"The Management 500 is a business race you can't afford to lose. Dan Coughlin's advice is powerful and high-octane, and it will help steer you on the fast track to sustainable business success!"
Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times and Wall Street Journal #1 best-selling author, What Got You Here Won't Get You There

"The Management 500 is a breathtaking ride around a challenging track that will make you feel exhilarated once Dan Coughlin has taught you the rules of the road and you take the lead. Dan Coughlin tunes your business like a fine Ferrari. I know, I've owned three Ferraris, but you can own this book for a thousandth of the cost and make your business roar."
Alan Weiss, Ph.D., Author, Million Dollar Consulting

"With The Management 500 Coughlin distinguishes himself as one of the nation's best contemporary business thinkers. Dan Coughlin's new book about winning the business race and sustaining profitable business growth is filled with great new stories and new lessons that will serve you well. The Management 500 will become an invaluable part of your management and leadership arsenal."
Jason Jennings, best-selling author, Hit the Ground Running; Less is More; and Think Big, Act Small

"I have been involved in the business of motorsport for more than 15 years. Dan Coughlin's fresh look at the sport has brought to life a number of highly valuable management lessons in a fast-paced and exciting format. Dan is a master story-teller who makes winning management strategies memorable. His sensible approach and long-term view of beating the challenges that lie ahead are refreshing and inspiring. It will be on the required reading list for all of my managers."
Torrey Galida, President, Millsport-Motorsports

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