Services Dan Coughlin Provides to Clients

Dan provides highly customized approaches to improve the impact of leaders in business and healthcare.

All of Dan Coughlin's work focuses on the difference-makers inside an organization. These are the people, regardless of their title, who are focused on improving the long-term success of their organization. Here are the types of projects Dan works on with his clients.

Business Advisor for Senior Executives

In his work with CEOs, CMOs, COOs, presidents, business owners, and other senior executives, Dan Coughlin provides an experienced outside perspective in a confidential way by discussing with the individual a wide variety of topics and issues such as personnel, strategy, innovation, operations, the organization's brand, and the executive's leadership approaches. Dan's role is to listen for a deep understanding of what the executive is trying to achieve and then to offer practical insights in a collaborative way for the person to consider.

In addition to working with senior executives on an individual basis as a thought partner, Dan facilitates discussions with CEOs from multiple organizations to create meaningful exchanges on relevant topics for all the attendees.

Executive Coaching & Executive Mentoring

Dan has provided more than 2,000 Executive Coaching and Executive Mentoring sessions for more than 200 executives in over 40 industries since 1998. The dual purpose of Executive Coaching, and Executive Mentoring, is to assist the executive in achieving the desired business outcomes for the organization while developing his or her leadership skills toward enhancing the organization's long-term success. This is a very effective approach for helping a high-performing leader to produce solid results in the present while effectively taking on greater responsibilities in the future.

As an Executive Coach, Dan interviews a dozen or more people who know the individual well, provides a summary of the input to the person, works to create a personalized plan of action, shadows the individual in a variety of work situations, schedules regular phone conversations with the executive to discuss actual work situations, provides consistent access throughout the coaching relationship, and then conducts follow-up 360-degree interviews to assess the individual's progress.

A very popular alternative to Executive Coaching is Executive Mentoring. The primary difference is that as an Executive Mentor Dan provides all of his input to the individual in more of a private format. He does not shadow the executive at work or interview people he or she works with. Instead the relationship is kept private and is conducted through phone conversations and personal visits away from the individual's office. This approach allows the executive access to Dan's advice while keeping the relationship private between the two of them, or at most just including the individual's boss.

Keynote Speeches and Seminars

Through 60-90 minute keynote speeches and/or interactive half-day and full-day seminars, Dan Coughlin provides practical ideas and straightforward processes for large numbers of employees to consider in guiding their organization to sustainable success. His topics include leadership, teamwork, execution, innovation, and branding. Dan does considerable research on each group prior to his presentations including phone interviews, email surveys, on-site visits, mystery shops, working as an employee, and studying the organization's strategy and plans.

Guiding a Corporation's Leadership Academy

Dan works directly with a dozen or so of the organization's high potential future executives. He interacts with them on a one-to-one basis as well as on a small group basis. The objective of this work is to prepare these individuals to take on greater responsibilities in the organization. Dan serves as their executive mentor and is in regular contact with each person over an extended period of time.

Crafting a Separation Strategy Where a Company Competes Successfully Away From Its Competition

Dan guides the senior executive team through a process in which they craft a strategy that separates their organization from their competition. He helps this group of key leaders in the organization to redefine their business and to establish a plan of execution that strengthens their brand and creates innovative solutions for their customers.

Instilling Practical Business Growth Ideas throughout an Organization

By providing a combination of on-going keynote speeches, seminars, webinars, articles, and video messages to large groups of employees, Dan explains and reinforces practical ideas on generating sustainable success through focusing on leadership, teamwork, execution, innovation, and branding.

Contact Dan Coughlin

To discuss your specific situation, contact The Coughlin Company at or the company office at 314-614-8622.


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