Services Dan Coughlin Provides to Clients

Each client has different needs so there is not a set menu of services to choose from. However, here are the types of projects Dan works on with his clients.

Thought Partner with Senior Executives

One of the greatest challenges a senior executive faces is to find someone he or she can discuss ideas with regarding personnel, strategy, business growth, operations, the organizationís brand, his or her leadership approaches, and a host of other topics. In his work with senior executives Dan Coughlin is often referred to as an Executive Coach or a Thought Partner.

Danís role is to listen for a deep understanding of what the executive is trying to achieve and then he offers practical advice for the person to consider. Oftentimes he interviews a dozen or so people in the organization to better understand how the executive is perceived by other people. Frequently he attends meetings and events with the executive in order to see how he or she impacts other people in the organization.

    "I have had the pleasure of working with Dan Coughlin for 4 years. He has a unique ability to provide both individual and group development. As my Business Coach he has developed tools that I use which challenge my thought process and enhance the effectiveness of my decisions. While his perspective is wide ranging, he also is very effective with specific situations. He customizes processes based on your specific needs and then stays focused on using the process effectively to help you achieve the desired result. He does a thorough job of understanding his audience when working with a group. The amount of prework and preparation including getting to know each player has been very effective. His style of coaching leaves the group feeling that they solved the issue and truly own the process. Dan's ability to partner with an organization through focusing on opportunity is one of his many strengths that help you get to the result."

Lee Renz
McDonald's USA
Central Division President


Guiding a Corporationís Elite Leadership Academy

Dan works directly with a dozen or so of the organizationís high potential future executives. He interacts with them on a one-to-one basis as well as on a small group basis. The objective of this work is to prepare these individuals to take on greater responsibilities in the organization. Dan serves as their executive mentor and is in regular contact with each person over an extended period of time.

    "Dan, thanks for all your support in helping me and our team build our Midwest Division Team. Your insights, coaching and guidance, as well as different approaches were very impactful. You did an excellent job facilitating a workshop for our team and providing coaching support to follow-up with individuals on my team. Thank you again for the difference you made."

Mike Slocum
The Coca-Cola Company
Division Director


Crafting a Separation Strategy Where a Company Competes Successfully Away From Its Competition

Dan works directly with the senior executive team to guide a process in which they craft a strategy that separates their organization from their competition. He helps this group of key leaders in the organization to redefine their business and to establish a plan of execution that strengthens their brand and creates innovative solutions for their customers.

    "Dan, thank you for the great job you have done over the last six months assisting me as a professional coach. You have been a great catalyst for creative thought. Our time together each session went by very quickly due to the lively discussion that always ended in great ideas which allow me to move forward. I have found your coaching technique to be very effective. You allow me to think out loud and always have thought provoking questions that help me find the answers. Your feedback is inspirational and honest, which I believe has helped me grow. I would highly recommend you to anyone that is interested in putting time and energy into their own development and professional growth."

Joe Uhl
Marriott International
Area General Manager


Instilling Practical Business Growth Ideas throughout an Organization

By providing keynote speeches, seminars, webinars, articles, and video messages to large groups of employees, Dan explains and reinforces practical ideas on generating sustainable success through focusing on leadership, teamwork, execution, innovation, and branding.

    "The candid input and personal coaching you provided me was helpful in understanding the improvements I can make as a team leader and how it will enhance team performance. Your seminar and team activities helped the entire group understand their individual roles and responsibilities in improving team cohesion."

Tim Streit
The Coca-Cola Company
Division Vice-President


Contact Dan Coughlin

To discuss your specific situation, contact Dan Coughlin directly at or 314-614-8622. He will explain if he can create a customized approach for you.

    "When we first met I was torn between the 'management mentality' of I can deal with any situation and the 'there's got to be a better way' philosophy. Dan, through your unique way of coaching, questioning and, most important, listening, you combined both areas of thought and have definitely changed both my approach and outlook. Thank you. You have made a difference."

Kevin Wade
St. Louis Cardinals


    "The pressure was on. My company, GSD&M, was in the running for acquiring the national advertising business for BMW North America.

As one of the most prestigious car accounts in the category, we turned all our efforts, time and resources towards winning this business. As the leader of the pitch, I had the opportunity (and challenge) of managing a very large and diverse group of people with varying strengths and of course, personalities. Dan Coughlin guided me in several ways to be an effective leader in this high pressure situation. The most important piece of advice given to me by Dan was about staying the course and focus solely on the desired outcome of winning. As you can imagine, with such a diverse group of team members, there will always be personality conflicts and challenges in keeping everyone on the same page while trying to put together a comprehensive marketing solution for the prospective client. It's called the 80/20 rule. If 80% of your time is focused on the desired outcome and only 20% is about internal politics, etc, you're on the right path. Any deviation from that number requires a leader to reshift the efforts and thinking back to the desired outcome. My job was to keep everyone focused on winning--above all the disagreements, timing challenges and ultimately strong personalities.

Dan also encouraged me to not lose sight of the details. Details like making the process inspiring and rewarding and where the team members can connect and build stronger relationships over time. There is nothing like going through the trenches with a team you trust and respect. To build that kind of team, it takes an effective leader who acknowledges and gives people a chance to do their best work. Dan's tips helped me to create that very environment.

Dan's coaching motivated me to be a better coach that delivers the goods--winning. And in case you're wondering, we won the business."

Ashley Andy
Director of New Business Development For GSD&M
the national advertising agency
on acquiring the BMW account


    "Dan, thank you very much for the input you have provided me over the past year. You approached the issues on a very creative and insightful basis. As I look back on the start of your coaching services and my anticipated benefits, the final results surpassed all of my anticipations. I believe the focused approach, as well as the on-target discussions followed-up by your summary letters, were the keys to me achieving the results. I am amazed at how quickly you were able to relate with the issues we discussed and then work through a very succinct action plan to address the issue. I appreciate your interest and dedication to helping me grow."

Mike Hurst
McCarthy Construction
President & COO




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