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Dan Coughlin giving the keynote address at the Shell Oil North American Marketing Conference.
Dan Coughlin's core belief is that one person, regardless of his or her title, can make a positive difference in an organization of any size. He works with business leaders to accelerate sustainable success for their organizations by focusing on three concentrated areas: leadership and teamwork; strategy and execution; and innovation and branding.


His client list includes McDonald's, Toyota, BJC HealthCare, Marriott, Coca-Cola, GE, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Cisco, Subway, Kaplan Higher Education Group, RE/MAX, Abbott, Prudential, Jack in the Box, Washington University, Boeing, St. Louis Cardinals, Cardinal Health, and Shell Oil. Since 1998 he has worked with more than 200 organizations.

Keynote Speaker/Seminar Leader

As a keynote speaker and seminar leader, Dan explains pragmatic advice that combines real-life stories from his management consulting work with insights from his in-depth research of the audience. His most popular programs are called: Accelerate Your Impact as a Leader, Innovate to Generate Sustainable Profitable Growth, and Strengthen Your Brand for Long-Term Success.

Business Leadership Coaching

Dan has invested over 3,000 hours on-site observing and advising executives and managers in a wide variety of business functions and in more than fifty industries. As a Business Leadership Coach, he has provided more than 2,000 coaching sessions for presidents, vice-presidents, and senior directors in Fortune 500 companies, major privately-owned firms, and small businesses.

Committed to gaining a deep understanding of clients and customizing the approach.

Dan feels that every keynote speech, seminar, and executive coaching relationship has to be built around an understanding of the client's desired business outcomes and his or her unique work situation. He gains an understanding of customers through a combination of in-depth interviews with employees, on-site visits, being a customer of the organization, and studying the organization's materials, website, and customers.

Examples of client research include:

  • Working in a McDonald's restaurant for eight hours.
  • Working in all parts of a Marriott Hotel for two days.
  • Visiting a GE Capital Call Center for six hours.
  • Riding with a Cassens Transport truck driver for eight hours.
  • Working inside a Subway restaurant for three hours and a Jack in the Box restaurant for three hours.
  • Spending seven hours at a Kiewit Construction site in New Orleans as they built a new levee.
  • Visiting Toyota dealerships in four different cities across the United States.
  • Visiting an Anheuser-Busch InBev brewery operations for eight hours.

Embrace simplicity.

If you're looking for the latest management fads or fancy business jargon, you've come to the wrong place. That's not Dan's approach. He doesn't dazzle people with complexity. His focus is on helping you achieve your desired business results faster and in a sustainable way. He believes simplicity trumps complexity when it comes to making real progress. He and his clients constantly work to hone simple processes that will improve performance throughout their organizations.

Ideas need to be reinforced to become habits that drive sustainable, profitable growth.

Whether a person hears a good idea during a keynote speech, a seminar, or an executive coaching session, Dan believes the idea needs to be reinforced consistently over time in order to truly impact that person's behaviors. Too often good ideas get left behind when the rush of day-to-day business activities set in. Consequently, Dan provides regular follow-up articles, customized letters, phone conversations, and on-site visits with clients to help them convert the ideas they've heard from him into new behaviors that impact their organization's highest priority outcomes.

Business Author

Dan Coughlin's books on business leadership include:

Quoted in USA Today, the New York Times, Investor's Business Daily, The Journal of the American Management Association, and dozens of other publications, Dan Coughlin has written articles that have been published in more than 100 trade association publications.


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